Holly Social – a whitelabel social media scheduler

2018 Roadmap

The end of Q1 saw Holly leaving BETA with a very solid foundation. Now it’s time to take Holly to the next level!

Please note: The roadmap below is a formal outline of our planned work, but it might change. For example, if we get a lot of feedback that a certain feature needs priority, we will shuffle items around.

Q2 2018

Documentation & walkthroughs

Note: This will be an ongoing item into the future.

We’ve been hard at work doing the geeky stuff in Q1 and making many refinements to the platform. Now that the “core” of Holly is complete, we can start to develop robust documentation and videos. They will be broken down into two parts:

  • For you: To help you get to grips with everything that Holly Whitelabel has to offer
  • For your customers: Create resources within the system for your customers so they have easy access to tips, tricks and tutorials

Instagram (or Pinterest)

Instagram integration is one of our biggest priorities right now.

Some background: Instagram opened up their API to their Partners on the 1st of February 2018. Becoming a Partner is not easy – you either need to be spending $500,000/month on their advertising platforms or have the right connections.

We won’t be spending half a million dollars a month with Facebook/Instagram anytime soon, so we’re working on our contacts.

If we’ve not made progress by April 30th, we will instead focus on integrating Pinterest into the whitelabel (and continue working on Instagram in the background).

Calendar views

We are aware that our queue / history pages are a little bit clunky. We’re going to be introducing beautiful (and functional) calendars to make it much easier to get a birds eye view of what is happening.

Basic statistics

Statistics and reporting are a very common feature request. We will start by gathering statistics on every post that is sent to social media, providing generic information such as reach, interactions (likes/shares/reactions) and total comments. This will form the basis for a full reporting suite.

GDPR compliance

Love them or loathe them, the new EU privacy laws come into force on May 25th. We will ensure that our systems are fully GDPR compliant and provide you with documents to share with customers that ask about compliance.

Q3 2018

Chrome & Firefox extensions

These fully brandable extensions will allow your customers to easily add content to their Post Planner or queue.

The initial functionality will be basic (but extremely useful) and will form a strong base for future development.

Instagram (or…)

Hopefully we’ll have Instagram integrated in Q2, but failing that we’ll be continuing our fight to get it added in Q3. If this hasn’t happened, we’ll be adding Google+ (or Pinterest if we have Instagram integration).

Improved teamwork

We’ll make it possible for members of a team to discuss each post in their Post Planner, with a full audit log of changes. For example, if Peter changes an image it will show a note in the thread that this action happened.

Improved reporting

We’ll continue working on our statistics and reporting platform. This will include social media account performance over time and the ability to generate PDF reports.

Roles & permissions

We’ll add the ability for Team owners to create roles with fine-grained access control. They will then be able to assign team members to these roles.

Use cases could include allowing agencies to give customers access to the History tab (but nothing else) or social media managers only allowing certain people to approve/schedule posts.

RSS feeds

A commonly requested feature is the ability to add content to the Post Planner direct from an RSS feed. We will add this functionality under the “Content Discovery” dropdown.

Q4 2018

Android & iPhone apps

In the same vein as the browser extension, these apps will provide basic functionality for adding content to the Post Planner and queue.

They will be fully brandable, but you will need to have your own accounts with Google and Apple for submitting the apps to their respective stores.

The “other” networks

Our focus in Q4 will be to add additional social networks, based on feedback from you and your customers about which networks are a top priority.

This will include full statistics and reporting.

Any other business

We expect there to be an enormous amount of feedback in Q2 & Q3. We will leave time and resources in Q4 to fulfil the most important feature requests as suggested by you and your customers.