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Double your revenue – tap into the power of employee advocacy

Recent research from Cisco shows that employees have 10x more followers than corporate social accounts. What’s more, a 12% increase in brand advocacy generally generates a 2x increase in revenue growth.

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Schedule, manage and send posts to your employee’s social media profiles

Employee advocacy made easy

What is employee advocacy?

Employee advocacy is the endorsement of a company, its products and services by its employees. These endorsements are hugely valuable and can have a major positive impact on the bottom line. With the continued growth of professional networks such as LinkedIn, there is huge potential in digital employee advocacy.

Benefits to your company

Your employees and their network of connections directly tap into the audiences that are important to your company, including customers, potential employees, partners and industry experts. By tapping into this valuable resource via your employees social media profiles you can organically amplify your reach and get your message in front of the right people (without the cost of advertising).

Benefits to your employees

By sharing relevant, topical and timely content on behalf of your employees you build them up as industry thought leaders, boosting their reputation in the eyes of their network. In addition, by posting on their behalf you will also help them to grow their network as people engage with the content being shared.

Increasing employee engagement investments by 10% can increase profits by $2,400 per employee, per year.

Source: Workplace Research Foundation

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The power of Holly Social

Holly Social is an online platform that enables social media marketers to schedule and send posts to social media networks. Our champion toolset adds enterprise level features such as single sign-on, granular permission control and employee management that ensures your digital marketing team can drive growth via your employees.

100% whitelabel

Your domain name, your brand, your choice. Holly is built from the ground up to be a whitelabel solution, allowing for fantastic levels of customisation.

Your employees will enjoy a branded experience from their initial registration through to email notifications and beyond.

Fully managed service

Don’t worry about setting things up – we do all of this for you, including custom integrations with your single sign on provider. And the best part? There’s no setup fee.

Enjoy fantastic support from a team who will make sure that your unique requirements are met.

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