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Loved by agencies, entrepreneurs & their customers

Fully brandable

  • Use your own domain name
  • Add your logo system-wide
  • Customize colors & backgrounds
  • Send system emails from your domain
  • Define default “Post Planner” categories
  • Customize menus
  • Add custom CSS & favicons
  • … and more!

Create paid subscriptions (optional)

  • Integrate with your Stripe account
  • Create unlimited plans / tiers
  • Bill monthly, yearly or both
  • 135+ currencies supported
  • Offer free trials of any duration
  • Money goes direct to your Stripe account
  • All invoicing handled automatically

Add artificial restrictions

When creating your paid subscriptions you might want to restrict usage or feature access depending on which tier the user is on. You can:

  • Limit the number of connected social profiles
  • Limit usage (e.g. total storage space)
  • Plus more granular roles & permissions coming soon

Offer a branded API

  • Integrate with Zapier, IFTTT & more
  • Users can create their own API keys
  • Fully documented with code examples
  • Connect your existing systems
  • “Admin only” routes available

Translate to any language

  • Available in any language
  • Carve a niche in your country / region
  • All strings are ready to translate
  • Support for any left-to-right language
  • Right-to-left coming soon
  • Managed via POEditor

Add custom scripts

  • Add your own javascript snippets to the header and footer of each page
  • Perfect for adding Google Analytics, Intercom and other 3rd party integrations

Use your own social apps

When a user wants to connect a social media profile to their account we need ask their permission. We do this via our generic “Social Connect Gateway” apps.

If you want to give your users a more branded experience you can create your own apps on each social media platform and use those instead.

And a lot more…

Our whitelabel solution is the most complete on the market. Additional features include:

  • Whitelabel admin area
  • User “impersonation” – browse a user’s account without needing their login details (perfect for support and initial setup)
  • Financial statistics & reporting
  • Account & team creation
  • The list goes on…!

Pricing which allows for profit

  • Cost goes down as you grow
  • No long-term contracts
  • Teams on a trial don’t incur a license fee
  • Unlimited users allowed at no extra cost
  • Billed monthly in arrears
Total teamsMonthly license fee (per team)
+ $0.50 for each gb of storage or bandwidth used.

Getting started is free!

Tell us about what you’re hoping to achieve and we’ll prepare a free demo system for you to try out. If you’re happy with the demo, we’ll then get your whitelabel system fully setup.

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