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Create & schedule awesome social media content


Launching for the following networks, with more to follow


Find popular content

We index millions of articles, videos and posts every day. Effortlessly find content in your niche that your audience will love, with 1-click queuing and posting.

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Store re-usable posts

Need to post your content more than once? Store it in your ‘evergreen’ library. Perfect for promotional content such as case studies and special offers.

Create schedules

Set the times of day (and days of the week) when content should be posted to social media. Automatically populate your queue with content from your library.

Design graphics

Gravit is an awesome web based design tool. We’ve integrated it with Holly to make it easy to create stunning social media graphics that will demand attention.

Auto expire content

Choose the number of times a post should go out, or keep it in your content library until a specified date. Great for competitions and time critical content.

Work as a team

Social media management often requires a team – add all your team members and work collaboratively to fine tune your social media content and queues.

Use browser addons

Inspiration can strike at any time of day and in any place. Install our browser extensions to make it easy to add content to your library or queues.

Connect to 1,000+ apps

Use Zapier, IFTTT and Workato to connect Holly with the software you use every day. Bi-directional triggers available – send content in or push information out.

Fully integrated with the workflow tools you use every day

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  • Unlimited profiles (e.g. your Twitter profile)
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  • Unlimited libraries
  • Unlimited team members

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