Say goodbye to tiers, contracts & monthly subscriptions

Our unique pricing model means you only pay for the server resources you use – not the features you want to access, or the amount you want to use them.

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  • Unlimited social media profiles
  • Unlimited content discovery
  • Unlimited content re-use
  • Unlimited schedules
  • Unlimited library categories
  • Unlimited teams
  • Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited brands
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited API usage
  • and so much more

Manage unlimited brands – perfect for agencies & individuals

A “brand” could be you, your company or your customer.

Invite others (or be invited) to instantly turn a brand into a collaborative workspace, where you can add unlimited social profiles, team members, schedules and more per brand.

And did we mention each brand’s usage is invoiced independently? Perfect for keeping track of client spend.

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Discover awesome content in your niche

Remove the stress from content creation – use ‘Discover’ to find new and trending content on any topic.

Need to get specific? Filter by country, language, content type (e.g. videos) and time.

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Manage unlimited social profiles

Whether you have 3 or 3,000 social media profiles on your books, managing them with Holly is simple.

Make use of ‘Brands’ – a simple yet powerful approach to managing team access, content separation, reporting and more.

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Categorize, manage and re-use posts

Store content in your post library for later use. Define how many times posts in a category can be sent – once, twice or even forever.

You can add content manually, via ‘Discover’ or even via Zapier and our API

Use the (optional) drag and drop columns to move content through an approval process with your team.

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Automate with timings & schedules

Plan days, weeks or even months in advance.

You can set the times of day (and days of the week) when content should be posted to social media.

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Integrate with hundreds of Apps via Zapier and our API

Use Zapier and IFTTT (coming soon) to connect Holly with the software you use every day.

Push content in from your website, RSS feeds and even other social platforms such as Pocket.

You can also use Zapier to trigger actions on other platforms (such as Slack) when something happens on Holly.

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Pricing that makes sense

No tiers, contracts or monthly subscriptions

How many brands do you manage?

How many social media profiles do you manage for each brand?

How many times per day would you like to post to each profile?



per gigabyte (1,000mb)
1 gigabyte of bandwidth would allow you to upload 2,000 web-ready photos (average file size of 500kb).



per gigabyte (1,000mb)
Store images and video on Holly for easy access and re-use. Bulk upload, bulk delete and store in folders.

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Please note: Bandwidth and storage is calculated on a “per brand” basis and usage is rounded up to the next gigabyte for billing. The estimate in the previous section is based on an average media file size of 500kb.