Holly Social – a whitelabel social media scheduler

2019 Roadmap

Please note: The roadmap below is a formal outline of our planned work, but as you can see the order of work might change. For example, if we get a lot of feedback that a certain feature needs priority, we will shuffle items around.

Q2 2019

Statistics – finished!

Statistics and reporting are a very common feature request. We will start by gathering statistics on every post that is sent to social media, providing generic information such as reach, interactions (likes/shares/reactions) and total comments. This will form the basis for a full reporting suite.

Video and GIF support – finished!

The ability to post videos and GIFs are a high priority and we’re close to getting this feature implemented.

Google My Business – finished!

Send posts to your Google My Business locations and boost your presence on Google search results and map listings.

Q3 2019

Android & iPhone apps – 60% complete

Our native iOS and Android apps will provide basic functionality for adding content to the Post Planner and queue as well as media management.

They will be fully brandable, but you will need to have your own accounts with Google and Apple for submitting the apps to their respective stores.

Graphic design tool – 95% complete

Our graphic design tool will make it easy (and very fast) for your users to prepare graphics which are perfect for each network.

Instagram – 50% complete

With the launch of our iOS and Android apps it will be possible to set reminders to post to Instagram.

Q4 Onwards

Improved reporting

We’ll continue working on our statistics and reporting platform. This will include social media account performance over time and the ability to generate PDF reports.

Improved teamwork

We’ll make it possible for members of a team to discuss each post in their Post Planner, with a full audit log of changes. For example, if Peter changes an image it will show a note in the thread that this action happened.