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How To: Add a Stripe webhook for your whitelabel system

What does a Stripe webhook do? When an action happens on Stripe (e.g. a person's card is charged) only Stripe knows about it. Webhooks bridge this gap, making it possible for us to also know that a card has been charged. We use webhooks to trigger actions on our end, such as creating an invoice and emailing it to the customer.

How do webhooks work? It's really simple - a webhook is a website address. e.g. https://yoursite.com/webhook/stripe. When an action happens on Stripe, their server "visits" this website address and sends additional information, such as the customer's unique identifier. This allows us to know when, what and who an action was completed for.

Step 1. Get your webhook address

Your webhook address is: https://your.whitelabel.domain/webhook/stripe

Replace "your.whitelabel.domain" with the domain where your whitelabel system is accessed. E.g. https://app.chooseholly.com/webhook/stripe.

Step 2. Login to Stripe and click on the "Developers" menu item

Step 3. Click on the "Webhooks" menu item

Step 4. Click "Add endpoint"

Step 5. Enter your webhook web address from Step 1.

Step 6. Select the types of information to send

Please make sure to select

  • customer.subscription.created
  • invoice.payment_succeeded

Step 7. Press "Add endpoint"

Step 8. Re-authenticate

Your webhook should now be added to the system and we'll start receiving data.

That's it! Thank you for choosing Holly Social.

  • Published on 29th March 2018

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