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Create a Zapier App for your Whitelabel

Zapier is a fantastic tool which allows you to connect hundreds of apps with your Holly Social whitelabel system. For example, a customer could automatically add images to their media library when you they add an image to a folder in their Google Drive, or they could automatically add a post to their library whenever they save an article on Pocket. The opportunities are truly endless!

Here's a quick guide to create your own Zapier app.

Step 1. Sign up as a Zapier Developer

Step 2. Get geeky

Step 3. Create your first Zap!

  • Your App will still be in BETA, but you can start testing it out - simply go to create a Zap in the usual way and when you go to the "Actions" stage, search for your newly created app

NOTE: The default Holly Social app only allows for "Actions" (i.e. sending media and posts into the system).

  • Published on 11th May 2018

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