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How To: Setup your Whitelabel CNAME record

What is a "CNAME record"?

A CNAME record allows your customers to visit a branded web address that you own (such as "app.yourdomain.com" or "yourdomain.com"), but in the background they're actually loading a web address from our servers. It's the glue that makes the whitelabel possible.

Step 1. Login to your domain registrar's control panel

Your registrar is the company you bought your domain name from. If you get stuck, simply ask us and we'll look this up for you.

Step 2. Go to your DNS settings

Instructions for common registrars can be found here:

Step 3. Create your CNAME record

We will have sent you a destination for your CNAME record. To setup your DNS, simply fill in the values as follows.

  • Type: Choose "CNAME"
  • Name: The name of your subdomain (e.g. "app") or "@" if on its own root domain
  • Value: Enter the information we provided

Step 4. Let us know!

Once you've made the change, let us know and we'll continue with your whitelabel setup.

  • Published on 3rd April 2018

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