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How To: Create your Stripe Products & Plans

What is a Stripe Product? Simply put, a Product allows you to group your subscription Plans, allowing you to bill your customers on a regular basis (e.g. monthly or yearly). Before we can setup your Products and Plans on your whitelabel, we need you to set them up on Stripe first.

Step 1. Plan your plans!

This is very important! You cannot delete plans on Stripe - they can only be archived. Before continuing to the next step, please make sure you have decided how you want to bill your customers.

Step 2. Login to Stripe and navigate to the page where you can create a new Product

  • 2.1 Click on Billing
  • 2.2 Click on Products
  • 2.3 Click the "+ New" button

Step 3. Add your first plan

Please make note of all the details you've entered on this screen - we will need to know the exact details you have entered so that we can prepare your whitelabel.

  • 3.1 Plan nickname: This will be shown to you in your admin area, make it descriptive
  • 3.2 ID: Enter a descriptive name for the plan in lower case. E.g. "basic_monthly"
  • 3.3 Price per unit: Leave the defaults for Pricing (recurring, currency, tiers) and set the price to be your subscription cost
  • 3.4 Per X: Make sure per unit is selected
  • 3.5 Billing interval: We only support monthly and yearly plans at the current time
  • 3.6 Trial period: Don't need a trial period? Enter 0

Step 4. Finish setting up your plan

  • 4.1 Make sure this is set to 1
  • 4.2 Add your plan!

Step 5. Add another plan!

Need to add more plans? Navigate back to Billing > Products and then press "+ Add pricing plan"

Step 6. Email your account manager

We need the values for all the fields from Step 3. Send them to your account manager and they'll continue with your whitelabel setup. If you didn't note the details down you can always click on the plan name to view the details.


  • Published on 3rd April 2018

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